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There are a number of times when individual losses his mobile phone. Even some people find it difficult to locate a person or family friends. In this case, some people make use of search engines to look for ways on how to check someone’s location on iPhone or Android phone without even wasting a single penny.

Keeping this thing in mind a number of applications are being created so an individual can easily track their dear ones without paying any sort of money or fees.


It is such a mobile phone related technology which boosts up your tracking experience. It has excellent features and provides one of the best services to its users. Due to the availability of the GPS facility, one is able to locate the exact location. Even if your cell phone is lost then one can even check whether messages are being sent or being received from a phone. It also helps you to locate your data by using an internet connection.


An application which is quite versatile and free for different Android users is known as geo-tracker. One is able to make a "reverse" journey in those areas which are unknown to an individual. One can also make their friends aware of their journey by using this application. This application is quite useful because it also records your highest speed. The files even get stored in KML format.


This application instantly helps to locate an individual’s phone. It also tells where your phone had been moved at a particular point. Glympse helps an individual to locate your friend’s location. The best feature of this application is that one can connect it with their Apple watch.

These are a number of free tracking applications by which one is able to track their lost mobile phones or even their loved ones.

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