How to Preserve Privacy on Android

In today's world, it can be seen that one of the fastest platforms of computing is android. It is one of those sources of a project which are open for all individuals. But some of the android’s versions in an individual’s mobile are bundled with “proprietary components”. Due to this, some may be plugged into services like advertising. This thing can be alarming, but you can protect your mobile’s privacy by following some tricks.

A Simple Approach

Some of the changes can be made to android mobile phones if one wants to secure their privacy. If one is quite similar to the platform of android then they can make a variety of changes like components of the system can be disabled by the method of rooting. One can also build their own ROM which is privacy-focused.  

Ditch Ad-Tracking

The motivation of Google behind making Android available for all individuals is that it is able to gather people’s data which is based on their habits and the ads which these individuals target. One can directly opt out such a function from their phone. This can be done by going to setting options and then clicking on Google opening the Ads icon and then you can activate “Opt out of Ads Personalization” toggle. Like this, the ID which is being used for tracking your information is closed. One may be still seeing a number of ads but they all will be generic now.

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